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Delivering the ethos and standards of Repton UK over a growing international family

A Repton education is a precious and powerful gift, because who we are, what we do, and what we believe in could not be more important or relevant for young people growing up in the modern world.


With school facilities in many locations around the world, Repton International offers the very best education, opportunities and networking available to our pupils, helping them to achieve and excel in the field of their choosing.


Since the opening of our first overseas school in Dubai in 2006 Repton has firmly established itself as an important player in the in the field of international schools. As the first British school in the UAE, we set a trend which led to many more schools following in our tracks. Since then the international schools’ market has proliferated at an impressive pace, meeting the growing needs of families in far-flung locations seeking the gold standard of a British education.


In this burgeoning landscape of new schools Repton has pursued its aims with great purpose and clarity. First, to establish schools of the highest quality with the strong oversight and support of the home school. And secondly, to create a global network of schools which will bring together young people of different cultures and nationalities to share their experiences, make bonds of friendship and develop mutual understanding.


Working with our international partners, Repton’s aim is to deliver the best environment for exceptional attainment, inspirational teaching and a learning experience which will be life-enhancing. We do not seek to transport a blueprint of the mother school to our partner schools but we do seek to translate our ethos and values to our overseas settings. Our schools are noted for their vibrancy, enthusiasm and warmth which reflect the spirit of the Repton family in Derbyshire.


I invite you to explore this site and become a part of this exciting family, whether as a pupil, parent, teacher or partner and discover the world of opportunity which is Repton International.


Tony Puri

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Through Repton International Schools Limited we ensure that the ethos and standards of Repton UK are seamlessly transferred upon our growing international family of schools. RISL assumes responsibility in maintaining the highest academic standards in these schools with the purpose of producing well-rounded, confident and capable young people who are prepared for today's global economy.

Repton International Schools

Repton International has a number of premium schools around the world that serve both the local and international communities. Our organisation is ever expanding, providing excellent learning experiences and facilities at all of our establishments

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